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Modular Backdrop Rental Tips & Tricks

December 12, 2022

What are modular backdrops and how do they work?

When you hire a modular backdrop rental company, you are looking for professionalism, experience, knowledge, and of course a fair price. Our team at Expressive Structures has worked on many events, both large and small. And one thing we know to be true every time is that the client experience is always enhanced by the ease that comes with our modular backdrop system. We use the best modular systems on the market with custom components we manufacture allowing your design to be broken down into the dense shipment on wheels that sets up quickly, (no bulky wood crates or pallets of cardboard boxes).

These modular backdrops are designed to be shipped compactly and when set up appears large, grand, and seamless. They do not have the appearance of being modular. Many other companies ship modular pieces that can also appear modular, (many small square panels clipped together). For us, modularity can be hidden and concealed to focus your attendee’s attention on the brand and message. It means using a design that pleases the eye so we don’t interrupt the seamless flow with a postage stamp grid of panels or clunky folds or creases throughout. Our modular systems coupled with our knowledge and experience make this possible.

The benefits of renting modular backdrops

While there are many benefits to a modular backdrop rental, speed and flexibility are perhaps the greatest benefits, not only in the actual physical installation but also in the shipping and transportation.

With modular scenery, we break down the product into small enough shipments that we eliminate transportation concerns altogether. The biggest hurdles can be getting your scenic into the ballroom where small elevators, standard-size doorways, and oddly shaped venue spaces, can be a problem. But those challenges have already been anticipated and answered by the professionals at Expressive Structures.

Modular scenery has the added benefit of providing a high impact on video as well as on your live audience by putting your brand or meeting theme front and center and giving your recorded content a sense of time and place when posted online.  We love a good LED Screen and agree that LED Screens are very cool when your client has time to develop content and leverage its full impact. In many situations, your client will get more value from custom-printed backdrops and standard projections while saving money.

Renting these modular set designs for one event is certainly more cost-effective than purchasing a unit for a singular use.  However, we have several clients who rent designs frequently because it is more cost-effective than purchasing and storing a unit offsite because they don’t have the space.  Another benefit of renting modular backdrops is the ability to frequently change out the designs without purchasing a new product; often a scenario for companies with frequent events and changing messages for new product and service launches.

Lastly, modular scenic backdrop rentals can contribute a high level of flexibility and save significant time for challenging installs. Especially when all the event rooms may not be available at the same start and end times for set up and tear down. Scenic elements can be built in adjacent rooms and moved into place when the air walls open or wall sections can be prebuilt before arriving at the venue to speed up the turn when your venue becomes available.

How to choose the right modular backdrop for your event

As with most projects, budget and time will play a role in helping you identify the right solution for your event. Our team at Expressive Structures prefers to start with your design goals. What is the nature of the event? How do you want your attendees to feel when they walk into the room? Will you be recording and adding this content to your brand presence online? Things of that nature. Help us understand your meeting goals and we will successfully guide you to the best solutions.

How to set up and take down a modular backdrop

Our team offers both turn-key solutions for the installation of your modular backdrop rental as well as options for our clients who would prefer to have their own crew handle the setup and installation of our systems. Should you prefer the latter, we can either send a scenic lead to oversee a local crew for both the installation and the tear-down or simply come out for the installation and train the local crew how to properly dismantle and pack for the return shipment. All our designs come with installation instructions and a member of our team will be available by phone at the scheduled time of your installation should you choose to oversee the build yourself.

Tips for using and caring for your modular backdrop

The key to modular scenery is organization! When we arrive at the venue, we line up all the cases and begin unpacking our structure so we can make a visual acknowledgment of everything. We then begin building each scenic element and moving it into position. When you proceed in this fashion you are protecting the modular backdrop rental from damage. Once everything is in its proper position, we have the crew wash their hands and remove their work gloves. It’s time to proceed with placing panels and graphics. The key here is to move them from the road case to the wall. And on tear down from the wall into the case which keeps everything properly protected from dirt and damage the entire way through.

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