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Will my event planning agency handle my stage design and installation?

December 12, 2022

Planning an event large enough to require a stage design is a huge undertaking. There is a good reason why clients tend to hire marketing agencies and event planning agencies to take on this burden on their behalf. Our team at Expressive Structures has aided in the successful completion of a large variety of events over the years. Both big and small, live and virtual. We have truly seen it all. When a brand works with an event planning agency or event planning marketing team, the process always runs more smoothly for everyone.

Will your event planning agency handle your stage design AND installation?  It depends on the company you have hired and the services they provide because not all agencies are built the same.  The simple answer is – ask them!  In an ideal situation, your event planning agency WILL handle all the design and setup – but it is almost always in collaboration with partners like Expressive Structures.

What Is The Event Planning Agency’s Role In The Event?

When you have a dedicated team working on your event, a budget will be defined and a theme will be established in its entirety. Sponsorships are found, attendees are marketed to, and food and beverage are handled.  Not to mention, everyone working the event is focused solely on the event and in turn, all the fine details have been hammered out.

Hiring an event planning agency means you get to continue working on operations while they hammer out all the details required for your event to be a huge success.  All you have to do is show up, speak, entertain, and provide the value the attendees have all come to expect.

Whether you, as the end client, hire an event planning agency or if you work with a marketing agency, you will surely feel a sense of relief knowing so many professionals experienced in the event industry are taking care of every detail for you.

Hiring A Scenic Backdrop Company

Expressive Structures works extensively with some of the largest and more boutique event planning agencies throughout the nation.  We also work with several marketing agencies who know we are reliable when it comes to everything related to scenic design.  If you would rather work directly with us, without a middle-man, we can work with your in-house team, as well.

Questions to Expect from a Scenic Backdrop Company

Some of the first questions that are asked when we begin speaking with your offsite partners include

Where is the venue?

Are there any specific constraints impacting the design or logistics of installation and tear down?

What is the theme of the event and how many will be attending?

How many presenters will be on stage at the same time?

And most importantly, what is the ceiling height and size of your venue space?

All of these details ensure the stagehands hired by the event planning agencies will not run into any capacity and/or maneuverability issues along the way.

Hiring An Audio-Visual Team

While a scenic backdrop company such as Expressive Structures can certainly help you achieve a grand enough backdrop to include audio-visual pieces, such as screen surrounds, LED wall masking, and surfaces for projection mapping, the event planning agencies will also need to be sure to hire an audio-visual team. This will be a group of professionals who eat, breathe, and sleep AV. With large events, this is something you want to be sure you don’t cheap out on. Audio-visual can make or break your event because your attendees expect to be able to see and hear your presenters.

Ensuring There Is Proper Branding

This is where event planning agencies and marketing teams flourish. If anyone understands how important branding is at an event, it is the marketing professionals. This is something Expressive Structures works on alongside the event planning agencies. Our team has the ability to provide seamless dye sub-prints, guidance for proper file preparation, and modular systems to display your branding, (both ground-supported and rigged). There are a large variety of ways to showcase these prints. It is the responsibility of the event planning agency to provide our team with the guiding vision, imagery, and color pallet that needs to be used throughout the design.

Call Expressive Structures For Your Events Backdrop Needs

Expressive Structures has headquarters locations in both San Diego and Chicago. The modular nature of our backdrops allows us to ship your modular backdrop rental anywhere in the US without overtaking your client’s budget. We are always happy to offer installation and tear-down services as well as shipping. Creating an immersive and eye-catching space for your events is our specialty. It is our goal to create a smooth and calm experience for everyone involved in the event from the planning stage to the installation stage. Reach out today to discuss what our team can do for your next event.

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