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Backdrop Installation: The Benefits of Hiring a Backdrop Company

October 26, 2022

Modular scenic backdrop rentals are a must if you are attempting to add some extra flair to your event. However, there is no hiding the fact that backdrop installation and tear-down is manual labor.  Oftentimes, event planners and event producers are up to their ears with other tasks that need to take place.

Of course, in the event of a trade show booth setup, you can always have your laborers help set up the backdrop.  More often than not, it is worth the spend to simply hire the backdrop company you purchased or rented the product from to install the system.  This way, you can ensure the backdrop is installed correctly and in a timely manner.  There is nothing more stressful than having your team tied up trying to get an installation completed. Especially when they should be preparing for attendees to arrive.  In this article, we’ll outline some of the benefits of hiring a backdrop company to design, install and tear down your modular scenic backdrop rental, no matter the size or event type.

Professional Backdrop Installation & Tear-Down Means:

Convenience & Efficiency

Hiring a backdrop company to install and tear down your modular scenic backdrop rental is a great way to find extra time to handle all the other duties. (like providing excellent customer service to those sponsors you’ve secured!)

The move-in and move-out teams at Expressive Structures are always composed of experienced professionals. All of which know exactly how to set up and take down these backdrops quickly and efficiently. Remember, our REXframe backdrops are modular. Meaning they come in small but can take more skill and experience during installation. This means that you won’t have to waste valuable time and money on trial-and-error. And you can be confident that your backdrop will be installed correctly the first time around.

More Design Options

When you hire our professional backdrop company to install and tear down your modular scenic backdrop rental, you open up a whole world of design options. Our team is here to offer advice on how to style and accessorize your backdrop. Making it truly unique during the design process. All of our installation and tear-down laborers have experience in working with all different types of backdrop designs. And can handle any design style you choose for your event. No matter how big or small, immersive or standard, the professionals at Expressive Structures take pride in ensuring your event turns out as amazing as possible.

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Expressive Structures For Your Design, Installation, & Tear-Down Of Your Modular Scenic Backdrop Rental

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring the team at Expressive Structures to install and tear down your modular scenic backdrop rental. This option is available for all of our rentals. And is great for those who want to save time and money as well as add more design options and less stress to their lives. So, if you’re considering renting a modular scenic backdrop for your next event, be sure to keep these benefits in mind! Reach out to Expressive Structures for your next event rental. And let our team of professionals handle the entire process for you.

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