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What Makes A Good Trade Show Display

September 02, 2022

A great trade show booth display is critical when attending a conference, exhibition, or trade show.  When attendees walk into a trade show it can be slightly overwhelming. With so many booths and exhibitions pulling you in, how do you choose which direction to go first? While some may let their curiosity take the lead and go in the direction with the most traffic, most find themselves susceptible to certain psychological factors. These can be as simple as a display showcasing a certain color or even seeing a freebie and wanting to make sure they get their hands on it before they run out. So how do you know which elements to incorporate in your trade show display to not only bring steady traffic but relevant traffic?

REXframe Backdrop With Custom Dye Sub Print

This is where creativity comes in with your trade show booth design. In order to draw in the proper traffic, you will need to start with creating a space that screams what your brand is all about. This is achievable by using a custom dye sub-print backdrop. With this, you can show your brand to the world while simultaneously defining your allotted space. Bonus point if you use REXframe to achieve a custom frame design or Frame Set to achieve additional branding. Both of these are modular and lightweight thus easy to install, break down, and maneuver through small narrow spaces. Making this the perfect choice for your tradeshow backdrop. Depending on the rules and protocols of the venue, you can either set up your REXframe backdrop via ground support or ceiling suspension.  Be sure to ask your supplier if they offer backdrop rental services.

Light Boxes – Consider incorporating light boxes into your backdrop. Illuminating your design and ensuring it is visible from any distance in the room. Available in single and double-sided, light boxes will brighten up your booth in the most elegant way.

Adjustable Magnetic System- Add video monitors and shelving to your backdrop design with an adjustable magnetic system. Putting your product front and center while adding more depth and dimension to your overall backdrop design.

Hard Panel Scenery


Hard panel scenery is a great way to enhance your space by building things such as walls and towers. The lightweight panels are made of aluminum and bolt together to form various designs. Once you have built the scene, you can then attach custom printed panels, acrylic or fabric panels to enhance the overall look of the scenery. Adding in lighting can further enhance your Hard Panel Scenery design and really draw the eyes of attendees your way.

Pillow Case


The pillowcase backdrop is ideal for those who have room for a larger graphic design and are short on set-up time. Remember fast set up speed is achieved through advance planning and design and this should be considered a premium option. Elevating your branding to a larger space is important. Especially when there are so many vendors all fighting for the attention of the same group of attendees. Toss in some video projection and you will be sure to capture the attention of people from across the room.

Double-Sided Options- Just like REXframe, pillow case backdrops have a double-sided option. Though because of the sheer size of the backdrop, you will see these additional options at larger booths and events rather than in smaller trade show displays.

Let Expressive Structures Design Your Next Trade Show Display

When you are ready to elevate your brand and design with a custom trade show booth display, reach out to Expressive Structures. With years of skill and experience, our team is ready to bring a bold and polished look to your space while helping you stay true to the brand you have worked so hard to curate. There is no event space too big or too small for our team to turn into a branding wonderland.

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