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Breaking Down Portable Stage Backdrops

December 12, 2022

As all event production agencies are aware:  installing, transporting, and storing stage backdrops is kind of a hassle but definitely a necessary evil to creating an immersive corporate event.  What you may not be aware of is purchasing or renting a portable stage backdrop from Expressive Structures will save you a tremendous amount of labor time and storage space, not to mention the costs associated with both.  How do we do it?

Modularity Matters When It Comes To Venues

We understand that not all venues are created equal when it comes to ease of installation for event setup. That’s why we care about modularity.  Our backdrops are all made with modular systems, which can fit through any door frame.

Our modular systems make it easier to get all equipment in through the door, into the elevators, down the hallways, and ultimately into the “Grand ballroom”. One event we were hired for included a beautifully curved backdrop wall made entirely from REXFrame for a boutique hotel in New York City.

That 10-foot-tall x 40-foot-wide curved backdrop with supports and sandbags shipped in a single road case that could maneuver it onto small elevators without any issue. On a larger scale, our team successfully shipped a 16-foot-tall x 80-foot-wide scenic design with screen surrounds, acrylic columns, and custom print in 4 rolling trunks.  You can imagine the labor that would have been involved in the product being installed was made of wood, metal, or other traditional construction materials.

What Do Modularity and Portability Mean for Shipment & Storage?

We know that every event is different, which is why our team of experienced stagehands is always there for you. Whether it’s a small gathering or an extravagant event we have the solution! Because of the modular nature of our portable stage backdrops, we can accommodate any event type, anywhere in the United States. And what’s more? Because our modular systems can be broken down and shipped so compactly the cost of shipping our portable stage backdrops is significantly more affordable.

Storing portable backdrops is easier and takes less space than storing traditional scenic flats. The designs come in easy-to-access road cases and no tools are required beyond a simple screwdriver. Plus, there is always the option to rent a portable backdrop, rather than purchase it – which means we are responsible for all storage associated with the designs.

Call Expressive Structures For Your Portable Stage Backdrop Needs

Expressive Structures has been in the event backdrop industry for over a decade and our team has had the pleasure of working on a large variety and types of events. With headquarters in both San Diego and Chicago, we always encourage our clients to allow our experienced stagehands to handle the installation on their behalf. This saves time, money, and above all stress. Reach out to our team today for all of your portable stage backdrop needs.

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