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RexFrames + Projection Mapping = Perfect Combo

August 04, 2022

Do you need a product to help you with an immersive experience?  Are you perhaps considering projection mapping?

Recently we collaborated on an amazing modular design to include not 1, not 2, but 42 front projection screens that were used for projection mapping purposes!!!

A client came to us with a fantastic Pittsburgh venue for their event and a BIG idea on how to fill it. The goal was to create a wrap-around immersive space for the attendees using projection mapping in a space with no rig points.

The design included 42 screens of various shapes and sizes hanging from a giant ground-supported truss structure filling the entire venue around the perimeter of the audience, creating 360 degrees of fluid and dynamic projection mapping!

Thanks to years of experience, Expressive Structures knew exactly how to approach this project and adapt our rental inventory to meet the exact screen sizes needed for the content that had already been in production for many months.

The screens we provided allowed the event to come together seamlessly and as an added bonus… because the screen design was modular, we were able to break down the entire setup and ship it home at a more affordable rate than expected.

We have been a part of the successful completion of hundreds of amazing modular scenic designs over the last 12 years. Some are smaller than others, some bigger than others, and some, like the 42 screens design, are flat-out cooler than others.

And while we have the calendar space to take on more events this Summer and Fall season. Our grander designs require an extended time frame in order to guarantee product availability.

If you have an upcoming event in need of an affordable modular scenic backdrop, be sure to secure your quote today!

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