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Designing a 360-Degree Projection Mapping Dream

July 19, 2022

We often find clients that come to us not only in need of an event backdrop rental but also with a problem they are hoping can be solved. These are the best projects we can hope to take on. Problem projects give our team a chance to spread our wings and show clients what skill and experience can make possible. As a team, we have found that the ability to take a problem and find a solution that not only fits the available space but is visually appealing, is a skill that can only be learned with experience.

Event Backdrop Rental For Any Size Venue

Recently, one such client hired Expressive Structures to handle the modular backdrop rental for their event. This client came to us with an amazing Pittsburgh venue and a great idea of what they wanted to fill it with. The goal was to transform one large and empty space into a 360-degree projection mapping dream. But here’s the kicker- We had to achieve this without the use of any rig points! This is where the skill and experience come into play.

To make this as amazing as possible, we collaborated with the production company which provided a Ground-supported truss structure to support the lighting, projection, and our backdrop of a grand total of 42 Screens of various shapes and sizes.  When combined with dynamic wrap-around projection mapping, the final result is truly an amazing feat.  But how did we achieve such a design?

REXFrame rigging for the WIN!

Our team brought in 2 of each screen size. This way no matter which perspective you are viewing the projection mapping backdrop you will always have variety. The screens were rigged with black aircraft cable to adjustable REXframe rigging rings set on the inside base of the frame connected with adjustable Griplock hooks for easy leveling.

Can projection mapping be done at a larger or smaller scale?

So, what happens if you like the concept of this scenic design, but need to achieve it on a smaller scale to fit your venue size? Not to worry, this kind of 360-degree projection mapping can be done at any scale or simply as a linear backdrop to the stage.  With this specific event backdrop rental, we included 42 screens which were illuminated with 14 projectors. In total,  our team approximately 2 days installing the entire 42-screen design, sharing lifts with lighting, projection, and rigging.   However, speed is a number that can go up or down with labor, lift access, and show preparation.  The backdrop is designed with your space and needs in mind. The Expressive Structures team is here to help guide you into creating a design appropriate for your venue and event type.

How does shipping work with a 42-screen event backdrop rental?

Once the event backdrop rental has been designed, it has to be shipped to the venue. But how do we ship such large backdrops without breaking the bank entirely? Our products are modular. This enables our team to break down the entire design, from the screens to the rigging. Thus, making the event backdrop rental much easier to transport and significantly lowering the cost of shipping.

If you are planning an event that requires a scenic event backdrop rental, reach out and get a quote. It is our pleasure to solve any problems that come our way. Our team is here to help you create the best possible event backdrop for your space.

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