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Customized Gallery Event Backdrops

October 26, 2022

Hosting a gallery event is a massive undertaking for both the event producers and the event planners who partner with them.  Not only does the team need to develop a program for the attendees, but they are also responsible for securing the speakers, topics, agenda, and customized backdrops for the event.

In between figuring out logistics, registration, sponsorship, and sales, the event team is also responsible for sourcing all vendors.  Food and beverage, audiovisual teams, and of course visual aids such as backdrops and flat screens.  It can all be quite overwhelming for a small team.

It is in situations like this that our team at Expressive Structures is often called to assist.  Especially over the last several years, event producers and planners have found themselves understaffed and overworked.  Fortunately, Expressive Structures has been in business for more than a decade. We have experienced every situation you can imagine and are experts in everything relating to scenic design and customized backdrops.  We have clients who reach out to us specifically because they trust our experience. And they know us to be responsive, communicative, and personable in all interactions.

modular gallery wall event rental

Our team at Expressive Structures was recently chosen to handle the customized backdrop for an art gallery taking place in Chicago, IL at Venue SIX10, an event space described as both contemporary and sophisticated.  This installation was especially important because the artwork would be mounted to the backdrop. A challenge our team was willing and eager to accept.

A Customized Backdrops Worth Exploring

For this specific event, the modularity of the backdrop design was especially important because of the layout we were hoping to achieve. We took one large space and created a maze of art installations; getting lost has never been more entertaining.

The final design was achieved using Hard Panel Scenery and REXframe showcasing 3 walls with “wings” at either end going in multiple directions. The walls were freestanding and double-sided at 18” deep and standing 10’ tall x 12’, 16’, and 20’ wide. Covered in seamless white fabric, each with beautiful and unique art pieces mounted on either side. The outcome was glorious.

A living, interactive space you could truly explore. Never knowing what lurked around the next corner. This gallery wall installation was unique in ways we don’t usually see. The gallery walls were brilliantly equipped with enough space between each side that allowed equipment and lighting cabling to be stored without becoming an eyesore in an otherwise intentionally decorated space.

What Is Hard Panel Scenery

Hard panel scenery is a useful tool when it comes to designing custom event backdrops. And is especially useful with a gallery-style event. When used in conjunction with REXframe, Hard Panel Scenery creates an immersive design. Allowing the walls and screens to go in any direction you see fit; and in this case, creating the internal structure for a maze of scenic gallery walls.

Hard Panel Scenery is a system of modular walls and screen surrounds that can be easily assembled to create any size. The panels are Velcro-compatible allowing for easy mounting of dimensional signs and come in three different colors: platinum, black, or acrylic for an added touch with illumination! A system is beautiful on its own.

hard panel modular gallery wall event rental


Call Expressive Structures For Your Gallery-Style Customized Backdrops

Expressive Structures have been changing the way people think about backdrops for events. Our modular scenic backdrop designs and appropriate pricing make it easy to find a perfect design that fits your event type. No matter how complicated or simple you need things to be! We can also customize any of our products without sacrificing quality in any way. Reach out and book a top-tier backdrop rental for your next event. We are just a phone call away.




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