Backdrop LIFT

Ease isn’t normally a word you associate with setting up a backdrop or drape in a ballroom, gymnasium, or any other venue without proper rigging.

Make any space a perfect venue

  • Tent
  • Ballroom
  • Gymnasium
  • Convention Center
  • Multi-Use Worship Space
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Backdrop LIFT

Simply set up LIFTS upright, attach the truss and crank the winch on each LIFT to raise to your desired height. The 17’ high Backdrop LIFT retracts to 5’10”.

Accomplish a 25’ span with just two LIFTs. And with a slender 4’ x 4’ footprint and low profile outriggers, it’s easy to position behind the stage.

The Telescoping LIFT and 6” triangle truss can be shipped via standard couriers, such as FedEx or UPS.


Backdrop LIFT

Do you need to set up a backdrop or modular fabric scenic panels quickly?

The Backdrop LIFT provides easy to use adjustable crank towers, allowing you to assemble and install your drop from the ground eliminating the need for ladders.

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