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This is usually a dedicated space for sponsors to meet with attendees. It’s important to make sure this space is well designed and branded so that sponsors feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. These spaces can be adjacent ballrooms or pre function spaces outside the general session and breakout rooms.

Providing sponsorship areas give you the power shape the entire event experience and your sponsors will love being able to simply arrive, plug in, and set up their marketing materials in a show ready space. Add some catering, furniture and bars in the evening and your sponsorship area will be thriving. 

We believe when you take care of your sponsors and audience great things happen. Relationships are strengthened, connections are made and your core brand and company culture grow stronger which is more important than ever now that so many of us work remotely for long stretches of time. 

From 4′ and 8′ wide displays to light boxes of any size and curved walls let us know how we can support your next event. 

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