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Penetrexx Antimicrobial Surface Protection

December 14, 2020

Penetrexx Antimicrobial Surface Protection

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Penetrexx antimicrobial protection is highly effective in reducing ATP scores and an effective bacteriostatic coating. Approved for use on PPE equipment. 

In a recent hospital study Penetrexx out performed standard hospital protocols by more than 4 to 1 in head to head ATP counts, (Calvert Memorial Penetrexx Efficacy Study)

Product Information

  • Specifically designed to form a covalent bond on virtually any surface
  • No need to reapply for 30 – 90 days
  • Cost effective long term protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe for a wide variety of porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Verifiable better results when added to standard cleaning and disinfectant protocols

Penetrexx Antimicrobial is an EPA registered Bio-Static product based on a unique formulation which effectively reduces the risk of cross contamination of a broad spectrum of (odor causing) bacteria, mold, fungi, algae, and yeast on a wide variety of treated substrates. The beauty of this technology is that it controls microorganisms without chemical poisons. Instead, it relies on electrically charged particles that have a unique spiked molecular structure. In nature, most microbes carry the opposite electrical charge… so they are physically and irresistibly drawn into contact with Penetrexx pointed molecules. The physical contact punctures the cell walls of the offending microbes. These molecular spikes are undetectable to human touch and creates a barrier that inhibits the growth of microbes.

  • Independent hospital studies have demonstrated a significant reduction in ATP scores, when adding Clearstream’s EPA registered Penetrexx antimicrobial product to their existing cleaning and disinfecting protocol
  • Less invasive, extended solution to the reduction of interior microbes, with no need to reapply for 30-90 days
  • Non-leaching, non-corrosive and will not migrate from the treated surface
  • EPA approved for use on PPE, as well as in hospitals, quarantine areas, operating rooms, emergency clinics, emergency vehicles, medical equipment, homes, day care centers, retirement communities.
  • FDA approved for use on food prep surfaces
  • Ready To Use, (RTU) Formula available

How does the Penetrexx Antimicrobial technology work?

The active ingredient in the Penetrexx antimicrobial forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged, polymer, which chemically bonds to the treated surface, think of it as a layer of electrically charged swords. When a microorganism comes in contact with the treated surface, the “quat” or “sword”  punctures the cell membrane and the electrical charge shocks the cell. Since nothing is transferred to the now dead cell, the antimicrobial doesn’t lose strength and the sword is ready for the next cell to contact it. Normal cleaning of treated surfaces is necessary to prevent buildup of dirt, dead microbes, etc. which could cover the “swords”, prohibiting it from killing microorganisms.

What is the purpose of the silane portion of the molecule?

Silanes are extremely efficient bonding agents, which can be coupled to other molecules and then used to permanently bond those molecules to a target surface. This process modifies surface properties of building materials and transforms them to a material that will not support microbial growth. In other words, it is the “glue” that holds the “spike” to the surface.

What is the difference between penetetrexx Antimicrobial and other antimicrobials?

Conventional products are absorbed into living cells and kill by way of poisoning the organism. They are designed to act quickly and dissipate quickly to avoid adverse effect to humans and animals due to their toxic ingredients. Most commercial antimicrobials used for treating building surfaces do a great job of getting a quick kill on bacteria and fungi, although most have a limited spectrum of effectiveness. The Penetrexx technology takes a totally unique approach. It provides an effective initial microbial kill when applied, like the conventional methods but it also provides long-term control of growth on treated surfaces. The surface itself is modified to make it actively antimicrobial for the normal life of the substrate onto which it is applied.

Is Penetrexx Antimicrobial Permeable to moisture?

Yes, moisture that is in or on the treated material or surface passes through the treatment. After curing, the treatment is somewhat hydrophobic, (water repellent) but it should not be considered a replacement for commercial water repellents.

Does Penetrexx Antimicrobial give off gasses during or after application?

No, Penetrexx does not volatilize, dissipate, or leach onto other surfaces or into the environment. Penetrexx’s chemistry polymerizes where it is applied and forms an antimicrobial barrier on the surface. 

How long does the treatment last?

The cured antimicrobial is non-volatile, insoluble, and non-leaching, the treatment will last until its abraded from the surface. A treated surface’s life span depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is surface preparation. Treating a dirty or unstable surface decreases the effectiveness of the antimicrobial. Abrasive or caustic, (pH 12.0) cleaners can shorten the effective life of a treated surface therefore the product should be reapplied every 30-90 days, depending on these factors. 

What kind of preparation is needed for treatment?

Clearstream recommends disinfecting surfaces with an EPA registered quaternary disinfectant prior to application of PENETREXX® ANTIMICROBIAL. However, PENETREXX® ANTIMICROBIAL can be applied to any clean surface.

How do you handle contaminated surfaces?

Microbes can be extremely hazardous. Severe contamination with hazardous organisms may require extreme cleaning protocols similar to those for asbestos removal. For normal decontamination: solid surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a Cleaner/Disinfectant before applying Penetrexx to the surface.

How is Penetrexx Applied?

For everyday applications Clearstream’s Penetrexx antimicrobial can be applied with our easy to use 32oz surface spray. When you require treatment of facilities or larger surface areas Clearstream has trained and certified technicians which match the latest application techniques to the specific projects scope.

Surfaces – For the Super Curious

Hospital beds, mattresses, mechanical systems, headboards, footboards, control panels, and adjustable side rails, side tables, over the bed tray tables, telephones, cell phones, call buttons, remote controls, case goods, door handles, computer trays, computer screens, keyboards, mobile computer stands, stands with blood pressure, pulse, temperature monitoring devices; physical therapy tables, IV stands, diaper changing stations, infant bassinets, cribs, warmers, incubators, folding tables, hampers, hospital upholstered and hard surface waiting room chairs, tables, safety hand rails, medical examination and treatment furnishings, wheelchairs, gurneys; medical diagnostic, examination, and monitoring equipment; heart and breathing monitors, stethoscopes, blood pressure devices, EKG and EEG equipment, MRI/CAT scan equipment, X-ray equipment, medicine carts, rehabilitation and therapy equipment, ventilation tents and oxygen masks, dental: drilling equipment compressed air systems, examination chairs, pedestal lighting, magnification equipment, suction/vacuum systems, and anesthesia equipment; waste receptacles, washing machines, water drinking fountains, laboratory equipment; autoclaves & sterilizers, mixers, ovens, vent (fume) hoods, centrifuges, water purifiers, incubators, stability chambers, spectrophotometers, pipettes, beakers, tubes, glassware, biosafety cabinets, chillers, microplate equipment; hospital soft goods: upholstered furniture, linens, gowns, patient and healthcare provider garments, towels, blankets, pads, privacy curtains, other bedding, pillows & pillow covers, disposable diapers (non-woven), feminine napkins, adult incontinence products, fabrics: woven and non-woven, natural, and synthetic; disposable wiping cloths. air filters for furnaces, air-conditioners, air purification devices, building materials and components for: floors, walls, ceilings and fixtures, cabinetry, wallboard, wood and wood components, plumbing fixtures, finished baseboards and windowsills, metal structural components, vinyl, stone, brick, cement, concrete, doors, windows, composite materials, painted surfaces, glass surfaces; aluminum, brass, copper, metal, plated steel, stainless steel; glazed porcelain, tile, and ceramic; sealed granite and marble, plastics, sealed limestone, slate, stone, terra cotta and terrazzo; chrome, Plexiglas®, enameled surfaces, countertops, laminated surfaces, Formica®, washable wallpaper, windows, mirrors; shower stalls, doors and curtains; basins, bathtubs, chrome plated intakes, commodes, urinals, vanity tops, bath hardware, composite surfaces, floor coverings, finished floors, hardware, door knobs, handles, light switches, lighting fixtures and equipment, shelving, racks, carts, appliances, beverage and water supply lines, tubing, and dispensers, soft drink machines, coffee dispensers, ice machines, food packaging materials, food storage containers and materials, general purpose containers and equipment, restaurant furniture, elevators, escalators, mechanical people movers, carpets and rugs, carpet underlayment, carpet padding and mats, curtains and draperies, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


Giving Back to Our Event Community

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shut down the Live Event Industry globally – with the event industry being on hold, we have made a switch to selling disinfectant cleaning supplies and PPE. We are working directly with a number of American based manufacturers to sell Anitmicrobial Surface Protectants and EPA Certified disinfectant wipes, sprays, cleaning solutions, and PPE. We can arrange orders by pallet or truckload with the capacity to sell in multi-million per month unit orders. This pivot to bulk sales of disinfectant cleaning supplies and PPE will also allow us to hire our employees back, as well as help some of the event community.

That is why we are dedicating a portion of our sales back to the event industry. Our mission is to distribute funds to out-of-work and unemployed event professionals whom we depend on and now need our support more than ever. This is our way of giving back to the community we rely on.

  • 15% of our sales will be shared with the community of event professionals and non profit service organizations
  • Helping unemployed Event Professionals.

The event industry has been turned upside down by the global pandemic. While the need to shut down live events of every kind was necessary to slow the spread of the virus, our people were the first to be impacted by a complete loss of business and income. By dedicating a portion of our sales commission to the event industry we will be helping support unemployed freelance event professionals whom we depend on, and now need our support due to the devastation of the pandemic.

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